zaterdag, december 31, 2011

New York Evenings Wishes You A Happy New Year's Eve

Wishing you all a happy new year with lots of fun, love and ... shopping! My intention? More blogging ofcourse! Xoxo AJ

vrijdag, oktober 28, 2011

We've got obsessions

Jewelry: Primark and H&M - Knitwear: H&M - Blouse: Primark

When I don't have money I see nice things and when I do have money I can't find anything. I have this problem more often. Last week I went shopping in Rotterdam (Primark, Monki, Bershka, New Look, River Island etc) I was very excited. My idea was to spent all of my money but I came home with 2 tops, 2 rings and a necklace. I'm happy with it, but I expected to buy more! Do you recognize this? What do you think of my new clothes? Have a nice weekend, kisses AJ 

woensdag, oktober 26, 2011


I didn't post anything for such a long time and I'm sorry for that. I felt and looked like sh*t. I just didn't feel like dressing. School sucks, and I really hate it. It's also very hard work etc. I'm going to try to post something at least twice a week (purchases, outfit photos or something else). But when it's less often don't blame me. I'm not a blogger who's going to make outfit photos everyday. I am a lazy blogger, haha! Kisses AJ

zondag, augustus 28, 2011

The lower I get the higher I'll climb

Skirt: Men at work - Wedges: Primark - Top: unknown - Sleeveless Denim Jacket: Levi's
 Hey Guys, What do you think of my new header? I really like it. School starts tomorrow after 8 weeks of vacation :(. Well gotta rush right now, have a nice week. 

dinsdag, augustus 23, 2011


Black Dress with Lace - €32.99

I will show you more picture's but my camera is acting really weird. Still need to show you my purchases / photos from Barcelona, hmm I'm a lazy blogger! Have a nice week! 

zondag, augustus 21, 2011


And the winner is... Rimona from Afrodita, I will contact you!  Congratulations to Rimona and thank you so much to all who participated! Ps: I lost my sd card that had all my Barcelona pictures on it :(

The angel wings will fly towards you Rimona ;)

zaterdag, augustus 06, 2011

Barcelona beast

Sunglasses: Market - (NEW) Lace top: Topshop - Denim shorts: Bershka - Belt: stolen from my brother -
(NEW) Bag: Topshop - Shoes: Bershka - Rings: H&M and Topshop
Hey Everyone, this post is from Barcelona. Right now I'm sitting in a little Spanish bar with my mum, and luckely there's wifi. I tried it at Starbucks but Blogger was acting really weird, in my hotel the internet service is really slow, that's why I went to this the little spanish bar. Well, Barcelona is lovely. Lot of art works by Gaudi and Picaso, lots of nice people, a really nice beach and you can definitely shop until you drop! I can recommend this city! Well, this is my first outfit post from Barcelona where I'm wearing my new top from Topshop, you can also see my new bag from Topshop! Yes, there's a Topshop in Barcelona (now how cool is that?!). I still have 4 more days over here, maybe I'll post something before i leave here. Have a nice weekend, post you soon! How has your holiday been so far? Xoxo


donderdag, juli 28, 2011

CLOSED: Angel Wings GIVEAWAY - 100 followers

110 followers? Omg, are you kidding me? I passed the limit of  a 100 followers, I'm so happy! Thank you so much everyone! Well, because I got over a 100 followers there will be a ''small'' GIVEAWAY (INTERNATIONAL) because I'm so thankful that you guys followed me! A beautiful ring! When I went to Amsterdam a few weeks ago, I bought this cute ring and I immediately thought: ' This will be a nice giveaway'! When you like this 'Angel Wings Ring' you really should join this giveaway. 
Let's keep it simple: I will use the random number generator and you guys only have to leave your EMAIL ADDRESS and your NAME in a comment! When one of you wins I will contact you :)! YOU CAN ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY UNTIL: 17 August !!

Well, tomorrow I'm going to Barcelona for 2 weeks (sun, sea, beach!) but I'm taking my laptop with me, which means I will be blogging from Barcelona. Hopefully, I  can post some outfit photos and of course a lot of pictures! I still need to pack my bags (Always at the last moment) and charge my electronics. And again thank you guys for following, and good luck with the giveaway! 

dinsdag, juli 26, 2011

I'm going back to black

Jacket: H&M - Ruffled dress: H&M - Wedges: River Island - Ring: Market - Dotted tights: New Look 

zaterdag, juli 02, 2011

You left me smoking on the balcony, like everything was allright

From left to right: Blouse, price unknown | Primark Tee,  price unknown | Pepe Jeans Sleeveless Denim Jacket, €60,00 | Zara shirt, €
Monki Stacy Top, Sale: €10,00 | Zara Top, Sale: €24,95
From left to right: Zara Short, Sale: €19,95 | Bershka Denim Shorts, €15,99
H&M Trousers, €19,95 | Monki Pam Skirt, price unknown

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I posted something. Well, I was very busy with school, I had some test weeks and many things to do. I just didn't have time to post things! It's finally summer, so now we have 4 months of summer. I have a lot of news on what happened last month: Andy Torres RT' me on Twitter, I went to Rotterdam and Amsterdam (twice), The Lady Gaga album came out (and I bought the special edition). Above you can see my purchases from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem. As you can see I almost have 100 followers! I'm so happy about it! There will be a giveaway when I have over a 100 followers! xoxo AJ

vrijdag, mei 20, 2011

New In My Closet: Truly Madly Deeply Animal Cross Tee

Truly Madly Deeply Animal Cross Tee - Bought at Urban Outfitters -  £ 28.00

I finally bought this amazing tee. I wanted it for so long, you can find it here. This is a short post because next week is going to be very busy. So I don't have much time. What do you think of my new tee?  Lovely weekend to you all ♥

zaterdag, mei 14, 2011

Hey Guys. Sorry for not having posted for such a long time but I've been very busy with school! About 2 weeks ago I went to Rotterdam with my mom and my friend. Ofcourse we went shopping but we also went to the beach. I didn't swim cause the water was too cold!! I bought these wedges and some clothing/accessories (pic's are coming later). Last week I received the Monki magazine and I fell (again) in love with it! It's a pity that there's only one Monki Store in Holland, namely in Amsterdam. On the first picture I'm wearing my new ring bought at H&M. On the third picture you can see my new wedges from River Island. I wish you all a lovely weekend !

vrijdag, april 22, 2011


Clogs from Tango | 49.95 EUR

Ballerinas from Shoeline | 34.95 EUR - Sandals from Bershka | 24.95 EUR

Hey guys? What's up? Last week the weather was great, temperatures were up to 25 degrees (hello summer!) Last week I went to Budapest with my class and I had such a lovely time. A disadvantage: The bus trip took 16 hours, pretty boring ><! I've seen many buildings, went to a few museums and I went shopping (ofcourse). I bought a pair of shoes from Bershka and a tank top.

Yesterday I went to Utrecht with my mom, She bought me 2 pairs of shoes. I also bought a pair of trousers from H&M. What do you think of my purchases? I wish you all a happy Easter and don't eat too many chocolate eggs!!

PS: Does anyone know where you can buy a pair of cheap black wedges?

donderdag, maart 31, 2011


H&M: Lace Top | H&M: Skirt | Topshop: Deer Ring | Urban Outiftters: Nailpolish.
Thanks Roxy Heart for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award. I really appreciate that! I'm so happy!! Allright, the rules: you have to thank and link back the person who gave it to you, you have to tell 8 things about yourself and award 8 recently discovered bloggers and contact the bloggers to let them know.

8 things about me:
 - My dream is to live and hopefully work in New-York or London. 
 - I have one cat called: Noa
- I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga.
- I play keyboard.
- I don't have a job (i need money!!)
- I love traveling.
- I'm always (yes, always) hungry.
- I'm addicted to tumblr

maandag, maart 28, 2011

New-In-My-Closet: Flower-Dress

VILA: Floral Dress | SALE EUR 19,95 - H&M  Denim Top | EURO 24,95 - Allstar Shoes - Primark Belt | EUR 2,99

zaterdag, maart 19, 2011

The city that never sleeps

(1: River Island Top | 29,50 EUR
(2: H&M Lace Top | 25,00 EUR, H&M Flower Top | 15,99 EUR
(3: Monki Sweather | 30,00 EUR
(4: River Island jeans shorts | 39,95 EUR, H&M brown shorts | 30,00 EUR
(5: Market 'Cat Ear Ring' | 5,00 EUR
(6: American Appereal nailpolish | 3 for 21,00 EUR
(7: Sunglasses | 10,00 EUR
 Hey guys, what's up? Spring break is over, so I have to go back to school :(! Well, I told you I was going to Amsterdam, and it was amazing! I bought so much! Ever heard of the H&M on the 'Dam'? Seriously you have to go there, it's so big, it's like heaven on earth ^^! I stayed in a very nice hotel named: 'The Fashion Hotel', OMG how cool is that?! There were mannequins everywhere and flatscreens with fashion shows. I will show you the pic's later.

Ps: I forgot the prices, I'm not sure anymore..

woensdag, maart 09, 2011


Hello guys, how was your weekend? Well, mine was great, I slept over at my friend's place. We did a photo shoot outside. Red lipstick - Minnie Mouse ears - 4 girls and a photo camera are the perfect ingredients for a perfect event! During the evening we watched some horror movies (scary!!!!). Luckely I could sleep afterwards! As you know I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow so I will  not post for a few days, but afterwards you will see my pic's :')! PS: What do you think of the photo shoot?

vrijdag, maart 04, 2011


what do you think of it?
OMG last post on 21-01-11? Serious? Wait now it’s 05-03-11.. that means.. no It can't be true..., I didn’t post anything for 64 days om**g! That’s really bad of myself. I think I had a little ‘winter depression’. I just didn’t feel like posting something and I had so much to do for school, it’s so exhausting! I apologize.
It’s finally spring break, what means: I have enough time to work on my blog, yay! Well, on Tuesday I’m having a photoshoot with 3 of my friends. I have been looking forward to it for a long time (still 3 days ^^). And there’s more: I’m going to Amsterdam for 3 days! I’m so excited. And this time I do have money!  Of course I’m going to shop till’ I drop, to take some pictures, to drink a frappuccino at Starbucks and to enjoy my trip. I have a wishlist full of Monki and Bershka clothing. About Monki, a few days ago I received the Monki magazine and I’m absolutely in love with it. I think the spring collection is to die for :’). I also bought the ‘Elle Style bible’. It’s full of upcoming fashion trends and designers! Well, I wish you all a lovely weekend! xoxo

vrijdag, januari 21, 2011


Trousers, Bought at: H&M - 29,95.

Hello everyone, it's finally weekend! What an exhausting week. Well, on Thursday evening I bought these trousers, I'm so happy with it. Tomorrow i'm going to shop with my two friends (and I have a H&M giftcard ^^). You will see my purchases tomorrow! What do you think of the trousers?

Ps: photo 2: Ugly nailpolish, I only did one hand ><. And it doesn't fit with the outfit.
Pps: photo 2: Also the top doesn't fit with the outfit. it's all about the pants!!

zaterdag, januari 15, 2011


Blazer, New look - Black Shorts, Zara - Top, Men at Work -Bracelet, market  - Head scarf, River Island - Belt, unknown
     Ps:  iew, ugly pictures, I was very lazy today ><