woensdag, maart 09, 2011


Hello guys, how was your weekend? Well, mine was great, I slept over at my friend's place. We did a photo shoot outside. Red lipstick - Minnie Mouse ears - 4 girls and a photo camera are the perfect ingredients for a perfect event! During the evening we watched some horror movies (scary!!!!). Luckely I could sleep afterwards! As you know I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow so I will  not post for a few days, but afterwards you will see my pic's :')! PS: What do you think of the photo shoot?

9 opmerkingen:

  1. lovely picts! the minnie mouse ears look so cute

  2. Die minnie mouse oortje zijn echt zo leuk, heb er zelf ze zelf ook gekocht toen ik in disney land was :D
    En geweldige foto's met leuke outfits!

  3. :) i'm not sure, there were a lot of :) really, so much? and for you?

  4. I like them!

    xxx Mireille

  5. this was so beautiful and peaceful and made me happy for you.
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    Welcome back. Wonderful photos, wonderful story. So glad you could be there.

  6. hahah.
    de minimouseoortjes van de blokker. ♥
    was superleuk!
    x anouk


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