maandag, februari 20, 2012

Dots and woolen hats

Dotted blouse: Primark - Hat: River Island - Knitwear: Primark - Levi's Shorts: won them at a giveaway - Shoes: Dolcis

Woaah such a long time since I reported on my blog. I just realised that blogging is not really my thing, I'm just too lazy for it, I guess. During the week I'm very busy with school and I rather spend my time checking out other blogs and watching tv then working on my own blog. The funny thing is that when I have vacation (right now) I'm more into blogging! So keep visiting my blog but don't expect a new post everyday haha! 

The shoes I'm wearing on the pics are new and they are shoe-tastic! The hat doesn't really fit the outfit but I was freezing my ass off! And because it's vacation I'm going to London, again! I'm going with my little brother (his first time to London) and I can't wait to show him all the cool places I know in London! Enjoy your vacation! Love and kisses AJ 

zondag, januari 01, 2012

Tell me the truth is it love or just London?

 I went to London last week and it was absolutely amazing, been there about 5 times but I still love that city! Did my hair (now I have long hair!!), went to the colorful Camden, had dinner in the little streets of Soho, saw some funny and talented street artists in Covent Garden and shopped till' I dropped in Oxfordstreet! Gonna show you my purchases soon! And it's 2012, yay! How was your New Year's Eve? Partied to much? Or just hanged out with your family or friends? Happy New Year! Xoxo AJ