maandag, februari 20, 2012

Dots and woolen hats

Dotted blouse: Primark - Hat: River Island - Knitwear: Primark - Levi's Shorts: won them at a giveaway - Shoes: Dolcis

Woaah such a long time since I reported on my blog. I just realised that blogging is not really my thing, I'm just too lazy for it, I guess. During the week I'm very busy with school and I rather spend my time checking out other blogs and watching tv then working on my own blog. The funny thing is that when I have vacation (right now) I'm more into blogging! So keep visiting my blog but don't expect a new post everyday haha! 

The shoes I'm wearing on the pics are new and they are shoe-tastic! The hat doesn't really fit the outfit but I was freezing my ass off! And because it's vacation I'm going to London, again! I'm going with my little brother (his first time to London) and I can't wait to show him all the cool places I know in London! Enjoy your vacation! Love and kisses AJ 

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  1. Echt hele leuke foto's!

  2. I love your photo's! haha ;D


  3. Leuke outfit, vooral het shortje ;)
    En veel plezier in London!!! Ik ga in de zomer pas weer, bleh

  4. Hele leuke outfit! Die muts staat je super.

  5. Oh gave outfit,
    leuke foto's ook zeg!

  6. Hello! Nice outfit

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  7. Great outfit!! love the blouse!!

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  8. Die shorts zijn erg leuk, en mooi vest!

  9. lovely hat andshoes! i think they go well :) have a great time in ldn and keep up your blogging mojo haha! love your blog - following. thanks for your sweet comment on mine xxx

  10. Love your outfit....well I love your style in general!

    Valentina de Pertis

  11. such a great blog, i'm in love

    i follow you since now :)

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    with love

  12. wonderful outfit! you look so great! love combo - dotted blouse and jeans shorts!
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  13. ahh, you're so cool! I can't get over how awesome your style is

  14. that shirt is really nice i need to make a trip to primark asap
    really nice blog
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  15. love those shoes, totally killer!

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  18. wat een geweldige blouse! Sowieso zie je er super uit!

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