maandag, februari 20, 2012

Dots and woolen hats

Dotted blouse: Primark - Hat: River Island - Knitwear: Primark - Levi's Shorts: won them at a giveaway - Shoes: Dolcis

Woaah such a long time since I reported on my blog. I just realised that blogging is not really my thing, I'm just too lazy for it, I guess. During the week I'm very busy with school and I rather spend my time checking out other blogs and watching tv then working on my own blog. The funny thing is that when I have vacation (right now) I'm more into blogging! So keep visiting my blog but don't expect a new post everyday haha! 

The shoes I'm wearing on the pics are new and they are shoe-tastic! The hat doesn't really fit the outfit but I was freezing my ass off! And because it's vacation I'm going to London, again! I'm going with my little brother (his first time to London) and I can't wait to show him all the cool places I know in London! Enjoy your vacation! Love and kisses AJ