vrijdag, december 31, 2010


Necklace, bought at URBAN OUTFITTERS, 26,90 pound

I'm so happy with my new necklace. When I was in Manchester I saw it at URBAN OUTFITTERS. I was immediately in love with it. One problem, I spend to much money, so I didn't had enough money to buy my new love, crap! Yesterday my mum gave me a little parcel, make a gues: it was the clock-necklace! A kind of a Christmas present.

I'm so excited for 2011! It's gonna be a great year, I wish you all a great year with love, happiness and blog fun. Do you guys have any good intentions? Well, CU on my blog next year! xoxo amy

zaterdag, december 25, 2010


(1. bought at: URBAN OUTFITTERS. Top, 45,00 pound/ Knitwear, 45,00 pound)
(2. bought at: River Island. Trousers, 34.99 pound)
(3. bought at: Primark. Wedges, 18,00 pound)
(4. bought at: Primark and TOPSHOP. 2 vinger ring, 2 pound/ Deer-ring, 12,50 pound)

Hello, how are you doing? I'm back from my trip to manchester, it was so nice. I bought a lot of things. I also bought a cd from The Pretty Reckles, and a notebook. I bought the notebook at paperchase, it's a really nice store with very cute things and pens etc. I'm really happy with my purchases, what do you think? xoxo


It's a little bit late, but i want to wish you al a Merry Christmas! Well, on Christmas Eve i had a dinner at my aunts place, it was very nice. What have you been doing?

zaterdag, december 18, 2010

Rotterdam-nights-and-New York-mornings

Hello everyone, it's finally vacation! It is time for X-mas, New Year's Eve, hot chocolate and ice cold snowballs! Well I have been looking forward to this weekend very much because I went to Rotterdam (Primark etc.) last Friday and I'm going to celebrate my birthday on Sunday! Actually, my birthday is on Monday, but I'm going to Manchester then (that's a nice birthday gift, hehe!) I'm turning 15, OMG quite old. I will not post for a few, but afterwards you will see my pictures or I will show you my pic's. Check out my trip to Rotterdam!

Dans les dressing room: I thought the floral print dress was so cute but is was too long for me. God, why am I so small?
My purchases: 1. Striped sweather, H&M/ 2. Ring, H&M/ 3. Necklace, Primark/ 4. Black-white top, Primark - Colored top, H&M. I really like my purchases especially the ring! What do you think?

zaterdag, december 11, 2010

Dont be affraid to show your true colours

Skirt with studs: Men at work/Sweater: New look/Bracelets: market/Shoes: Vans

Inspired by 'The fame'.

vrijdag, december 10, 2010

Hello Hello,

I just wanna tell you that i've changed my blog name. Bye bye 'Help im lovestoned, Hello New York evenings. Ps: I have to create a new header, that takes some time. What do you think of the new name? xoxo.

(picture made by me, NY 2008)

zaterdag, december 04, 2010

Let's have some fun this beat is sick.

OH-MY-F**CKING-GOD! Lady Gaga was awasome. I had viptickets so I didn't had to wait outside (it was -10 degrees!). I went into the hall at 6:30. After having waited for some time *yawn* a girl came on stage called Lady Starlight. I thought she was kinda stupid, I didn’t like her. She stood there, dancing with a bottle of  liquor in her hand and an Indian headdress around her head, GREAT >.<! Later  Semi Precious Weapons came on stage. They are really good , even though de lead singer is a little bit strange and very gay (nothing against). My friend touched the lead singer (omg, jealous!) She will never wash that hand haha! After another hour of waiting, listening to Michael Jackson songs Lady Gaga came on stage. It was awesome. I stood in front! During the song ‘So Happy I Could Die’ she looked at me! I never forget that night!
I made some awasome DIY sunglasses. With 'disco-diamonds' on it. What inspired me? The front of Lady Gaga's album 'The Fame'.

What did she wear?

What do you think? She looks great! If anyone would like to see the videos, tell me!
(i think this is my longest post ...)

zaterdag, november 27, 2010

I'm a free b*tch!

Hey guys, it's finally weekend! Thank God! Well, i can't wait till Monday because I'm going to a concert of .... Lady Gaga, yay. It's gonna be my second time, last year I also went to a concert of her but I could not see anything, okay I saw something, namely the back of the girl in front of me, GREAT -,-!  But this time i have viptickets! Hopefully this time I stand in front, and see her! I think Lady Gaga is a great style icon, she's weird  so what? I totally love her! 
xoxo little monsters!

zaterdag, november 20, 2010

'Shop till ya drop




Yesterday I went to a few stores with my mother. If she comes along I always got stuff, YAY! I bought this great jacket, I totally love the military look! I also bought this great shade . I saw it by Andy Torres (click here) and it inspired me! it's old rose, but I'm not sure. I have 50 different kinds of nailpolish (I think I'm addicted!), I did not have this color before, I'm really happy with it! And last but not least: these gorgeous shoes! I could not decide between black and grey, because the black ones are better to wear with almost everything, but i bought the grey ones (i actually got them from my mom hehe)! Well, what do you think of my purchases? xoxo ♥


zaterdag, november 06, 2010

donderdag, november 04, 2010

Lanvin pour h&m

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! 19 days still waiting, damn i need a job!

maandag, november 01, 2010

I WISH ....

I WISH ....
I totally love red, and stripes of course. I also like blazers, rings, and belts. Damned I wish I had that belt, Unfortunately I only have €5,-!  Hmm another wish: I wish I had €1000,-

vrijdag, oktober 29, 2010

Tick tack ...

tick tack tick tack ! I'm so sorry, i was so busy with school that i didn't post a blog! stupid school, haha.

woensdag, oktober 27, 2010

wake me up!

I'm studying french. It's Pretty boring. Damn i need starbucks coffee right now i'm falling asleep! All that stupid words; le metier, blabla, soudé, blabla. hmm i hate school! xoxo