zaterdag, november 27, 2010

I'm a free b*tch!

Hey guys, it's finally weekend! Thank God! Well, i can't wait till Monday because I'm going to a concert of .... Lady Gaga, yay. It's gonna be my second time, last year I also went to a concert of her but I could not see anything, okay I saw something, namely the back of the girl in front of me, GREAT -,-!  But this time i have viptickets! Hopefully this time I stand in front, and see her! I think Lady Gaga is a great style icon, she's weird  so what? I totally love her! 
xoxo little monsters!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben niet zo'n fan van Lady Gaga maar zo'n concert lijkt me toch wel heel vet! Geniet er maar lekker van ;D

  2. So amazing! I love Lady Gaga!



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