vrijdag, oktober 28, 2011

We've got obsessions

Jewelry: Primark and H&M - Knitwear: H&M - Blouse: Primark

When I don't have money I see nice things and when I do have money I can't find anything. I have this problem more often. Last week I went shopping in Rotterdam (Primark, Monki, Bershka, New Look, River Island etc) I was very excited. My idea was to spent all of my money but I came home with 2 tops, 2 rings and a necklace. I'm happy with it, but I expected to buy more! Do you recognize this? What do you think of my new clothes? Have a nice weekend, kisses AJ 

woensdag, oktober 26, 2011


I didn't post anything for such a long time and I'm sorry for that. I felt and looked like sh*t. I just didn't feel like dressing. School sucks, and I really hate it. It's also very hard work etc. I'm going to try to post something at least twice a week (purchases, outfit photos or something else). But when it's less often don't blame me. I'm not a blogger who's going to make outfit photos everyday. I am a lazy blogger, haha! Kisses AJ