zaterdag, maart 19, 2011

The city that never sleeps

(1: River Island Top | 29,50 EUR
(2: H&M Lace Top | 25,00 EUR, H&M Flower Top | 15,99 EUR
(3: Monki Sweather | 30,00 EUR
(4: River Island jeans shorts | 39,95 EUR, H&M brown shorts | 30,00 EUR
(5: Market 'Cat Ear Ring' | 5,00 EUR
(6: American Appereal nailpolish | 3 for 21,00 EUR
(7: Sunglasses | 10,00 EUR
 Hey guys, what's up? Spring break is over, so I have to go back to school :(! Well, I told you I was going to Amsterdam, and it was amazing! I bought so much! Ever heard of the H&M on the 'Dam'? Seriously you have to go there, it's so big, it's like heaven on earth ^^! I stayed in a very nice hotel named: 'The Fashion Hotel', OMG how cool is that?! There were mannequins everywhere and flatscreens with fashion shows. I will show you the pic's later.

Ps: I forgot the prices, I'm not sure anymore..

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  1. i like make you happy. :) good blog!

  2. super leuke aankopen! ik heb dat bruin shortje van H&M ook :) P.s. waar vond je die mintkleurige nagellak? ik zoek me er rot naar

  3. i love it all, but especially the river island top and the cat eye shades!

    thank you so much for following, i am happy that you did so i could come over here and discover your blog! it's wonderful, i love it.


  4. leuke aankopen!
    mooie nagellakkleur en die ring is echt te cute :)

  5. omg, jealous, i love it all!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. Those pieces are all so adorable...I love the sunglasses!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Following:)

  7. haha thanks, jij ook :)
    ga je volgen echt een leuke blog

  8. I love your nail polish choice and also sunglasses are soooo coool!Follow me,if u like,on!
    I'll be happy!

  9. You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  10. Nice blog!!
    what about following each other??
    kisses from Italy :)

  11. great photos! :)) like it!
    come to me and follow if you want.
    have a nice day!

  12. pretty things u have there...:9..ahh ilove the ring..:)

    love roxy

  13. Great! love the first grey top! Hope to see you on my blog, x, A.

  14. Fun post! I just found your blog Check me out if you like my blog Follow I always Follow back.

  15. Ah wow die ring is echt supergaaf!
    Welke markt ben je geweest 8) ^^
    &Die nagellak van American Apparel is leuk!
    Net als de trui van de Monki (:

  16. Super leuke dingen :D Vooral die monki trui ♥

  17. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  18. wat een super leuke aankopen!
    vooral die ring en sweater, die zijn echt awesome. :D

  19. Leuke aankopen zeg! Ik heb laatst ook een mint kleurig lakje gekocht!


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