vrijdag, april 22, 2011


Clogs from Tango | 49.95 EUR

Ballerinas from Shoeline | 34.95 EUR - Sandals from Bershka | 24.95 EUR

Hey guys? What's up? Last week the weather was great, temperatures were up to 25 degrees (hello summer!) Last week I went to Budapest with my class and I had such a lovely time. A disadvantage: The bus trip took 16 hours, pretty boring ><! I've seen many buildings, went to a few museums and I went shopping (ofcourse). I bought a pair of shoes from Bershka and a tank top.

Yesterday I went to Utrecht with my mom, She bought me 2 pairs of shoes. I also bought a pair of trousers from H&M. What do you think of my purchases? I wish you all a happy Easter and don't eat too many chocolate eggs!!

PS: Does anyone know where you can buy a pair of cheap black wedges?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I think you're outfit is lovely, you look great! And very nice purchases, love them! :)

  2. Lovely outfit! Your shorts and shoes look amazing

  3. i looove the clogs!!!:))

  4. Mooie schoenen allemaal!
    Ik twijfel om ook zo'n paar ballerinas te kopen in het beige


  5. Cheap black wedges? The clothing quality sucks a little but everything is super cheap and cute. I don't know how the shoes fare though, i haven't bought any yet. They may fall apart.. but for $12 who cares, right? :)


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