zaterdag, juli 02, 2011

You left me smoking on the balcony, like everything was allright

From left to right: Blouse, price unknown | Primark Tee,  price unknown | Pepe Jeans Sleeveless Denim Jacket, €60,00 | Zara shirt, €
Monki Stacy Top, Sale: €10,00 | Zara Top, Sale: €24,95
From left to right: Zara Short, Sale: €19,95 | Bershka Denim Shorts, €15,99
H&M Trousers, €19,95 | Monki Pam Skirt, price unknown

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I posted something. Well, I was very busy with school, I had some test weeks and many things to do. I just didn't have time to post things! It's finally summer, so now we have 4 months of summer. I have a lot of news on what happened last month: Andy Torres RT' me on Twitter, I went to Rotterdam and Amsterdam (twice), The Lady Gaga album came out (and I bought the special edition). Above you can see my purchases from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem. As you can see I almost have 100 followers! I'm so happy about it! There will be a giveaway when I have over a 100 followers! xoxo AJ

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  1. wow! You had so much fun!!! I love all the jewellery!!

    Come follow my blog hun :)

  2. wow so many great purchases! Love all tops and denim vest also shorts you bought! Looking forward to see you in it :)

    Following you :)

  3. Superleuk blog. Mooie foto's. ook leuke tops.

  4. leuke aankopen trouwens! ik ga je even volgen!
    achja, werken > geld > winkelen. komt wel goed!
    en de vrije avondjes die ik heb vul ik in met vrienden en uitgaan en winkelen en ga zo maar door. ook ga ik nog op vakantie naar cyprus dus het komt allemaal wel goed! toch bedankt!

  5. I want everything from the first shot!

  6. Oehw zitten hele leuke aankoopjes tussen!

  7. beautiful photos! i love those shorts :)

  8. you have such a cool blog, the photos are great! I'm your new follower hope you can take a look at my blog and follow back :)

  9. Haha wat grappig, ik heb vandaag een post geplaatst met dezelfde titel en ik lees nu deze post! Superleuke foto's.

  10. Geweldige aankoopjes! Vooral die tops ♥

    Volg je me?

  11. Wow I love it all :)

    Jules from

  12. wow!
    I love those shorts <3

  13. wow you make really great pics, you know. I like the first one, 3. and 4. at all <3

  14. Love that pastel pink polka dotted blouse, it's adorable! :)

    The Cat Hag

  15. Dankje voor je reactie, leuke aankopen en foto's!

    liefs Mireille

  16. super cool you purchases!!!
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  17. i love it all, great photos. makes me want to leave work and go shopping! your blog is very cute girl, now a fan and a follower xx


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